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Unified platform

GO offers clients one platform to plan 360 campaign end to end with our self-serve platform

Granular pricing

with GO, Ad slots start from N2,000 and everyone can buy a slot.


Analytics across all channels we retail – and introduction of analytics for OOH using wireless technology to map the concentration of people around an LED board.


With a real-time dashboard, assessing and comparing campaign performance becomes a valuable tool for campaign optimization.

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OOH Boards LED Billboards

LED Boards available across different states in Nigeria. Boards slots will be purchased tactically ensuring little money is spent for optimum exposure, start buying for as low as ₦50,000

OOH Boards Digital

We retail various digital channels – from Opera mini – Transsion – Google Ads. Start buying all digital ads from one platform today

OOH Boards Alternative Screens

Screens in Mall, in store, in Taxi and by fuel pumps available in Nigeria and Accra from ₦2,500

OOH Boards TV

TV Ads available on Terrestrial and Cable TV in Nigeria, slots starting from ₦10,000

OOH Boards Radio

Available in every state in Nigeria, with prices starting from ₦2,000

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Multi-platform marketing made easy

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